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If you are an artist, illustrator or designer and wish to take part in the project, let me know. You could appear here along with a list of leading creatives.

There are a few things you must bear in mind: Patterns for Colouring is all about getting kids (or anyone) interested in colour, and hopefully jump-starting their creativity. I'd like you to create a black and white outline pattern that can be added to the growing library. The intention is to get the site used by primary schools, activity clubs and parents.

The brief is simple, create any pattern you like in an A4 format. It should be suitable for a young audience (roughly 7-11 year olds), although I know the appeal of the site extends beyond this age range. My patterns are mainly geometric but the design of yours can be anything that you feel is a signature of your style.

Sorry, legal bit: To take part you must be willing for me to distribute your work for free under the same Creative Commons license that I have on this site. Full accreditation will of course be made with a link to your portfolio site.

You can send me most file formats (CS3 or below please) and I'll sort out the optimisation. As a guide the images I upload are 2000 pixels by 2800 pixels. Email your images to me by clicking here