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This is where all of my patterns will be kept. I'll be tagging them so you can go straight to your favourites. The tags will appear in a list on the right. Just right click the link that says "Download and Print" to save the larger image to your hard drive. Then print it and get colouring! If you like your coloured-in picture, take a photo of it or scan it and send it to me. There is a Flickr group that I've set up for your coloured in patterns. I'll post the best to the blog. Keep checking back for the latest uploads!

Although all of the patterns are shown in strips the full downloadable image is much larger. On the left is a thumbnail example of how a full image looks.

Reward Chart 01

reward chart thumbnail

For a couple of years I've been using sticker charts to reward my two sons for their good behaviour. I've used a chart that I just print from my computer and some cheap stickers from the stationery shop. My boys love them. So I thought it might be good to share a version with you. This chart has 30 steps on it. A child gets a sticker for doing something outstanding and puts it on a star. They should aim to collect enough stickers to reach the tenth star. This is one of the reward stars and you should give them something special for reaching this point. Save your biggest reward for the 30 star mark. Let your child know what you plan to do for each reward so that they have something to aim for.

With this chart there is no need for a sticker - you could get them to colour each star every time they do something fantastic. Add your child's name in the space at the top of the printout. Let them colour in the background first and pin it up on their bedroom wall, they can see how they are getting on every day.

I'm aiming to have a few more of these charts for you soon.

Download it now! (1.1MB)

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